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A Life Coach Who's Been There

Nine months before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I had arrived with a capital "A+". After 16 years teaching English part time, I had landed a full-time position at a college. After living all over the country, I was finally settling in my hometown, close to family and friends. After a frightening divorce and decades of painful relationships, I was engaged to the man I thought I would marry. And after a lifetime of struggling to get by, I finally felt financially secure.

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Then, as it did for so many of us, my world fell apart.

The job I worked so hard to get grew less and less fulfilling, as I began to see how much people needed genuine care - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - before they could pass a class, or even show up for one. The relationship I prized so highly grew more and more strained, as the rough times God warned me about in the beginning came to fruition, and I realized that when He’d promised we would “come forth as gold” (Job 23:10), He meant separately, not together. And the money I earned? It felt less and less important, as I developed my own health issues and watched people around me die from disease, violence, and lack of care. I started to feel as if something mattered more than the outward signs of prosperity. I started to look for ways to strengthen the woman within, the one I had always been - the one I had neglected in my attempts to be the woman others seemed to want.



  • Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 & 2 (Tai Chi for Health Institute).

  • Tai Chi for Kidz (Tai Chi for Health Institute)

  • CPR (American Red Cross).

  • Completed Alive & Free Coach Launch Program.

  • Completed Alive & Free Come Alive Program.

That's when I resumed the journey of total healing I had started and stopped so many times before. First, I committed to reaching out for help from therapists, teachers, and Christian life coaches who helped me see my past pain more clearly. As I learned new ways to deal with my triggers and show myself loving compassion, I said yes to trying tai chi, a gentle and effective way to tone body, mind, and spirit. The flowing movements immediately improved my wellbeing, and I started to see how this Eastern practice helped me cut through the noise and distraction of our modern world. Truly, tai chi has helped me connect to - and trust - the Eternal in a loving, open way. 


As my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health improved, I felt well enough to start helping others, whether teaching tai chi to seniors or volunteering to support the bereaved at my church. As I continue to develop as a Christian, a life coach, and a tai chi practitioner, I see how much peace, joy, and stability the health and wellness practices I've learned have brought me. Being a teacher, coach, and tutor for over 20 years, I can't help but want to share what I've learned, so we can all have tools to care for ourselves enough to truly care for others.


  • 20+ years of experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring seniors, adults, adolescents, and children.

  • Trained GriefShare Facilitator.

  • Former Crisis Hotline Advocate.

  • Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship).

  • Survivor turned Thriver.

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